Happy to have best brands supporting me

"The shop I trust"

(Gonzalo Busca)

Top brands from equestrian sport are represented with various collections in the FUNDIS equestrian shop. Whether it's horse supplies, horse riding equipment or treats for your popular dog companion, you can find it all here.


"It is important to rely on the best for the well-being of my horses" 

(Gonzalo Busca)

The company Back on Track manufactures joint and muscle protection, which are manufactured from a "ceramic textile" which is sold under the registered brand name Back on Track.

The textile is made up of fibres of polyester and polypropylene (some of the products are mixed with cotton fibres) with a ceramic powder fused into the fibres. The ceramic gives the fabric its unique property, which reflects body heat in the form of infrared heat radiation.

"essential to be comfortable and safe" (Gonzalo Busca)

The perfect match between technological innovation and rider needs to create the best stirrups specifically designed for riding (according to a study by the Sport-Contrôle research company).


"the details that matter " 

(Gonzalo Busca)

At Talisman Custom Fly Bonnets,  100% customer satisfaction. They achieve this by sourcing the best materials available, bringing the most capable craftspeople onto the team, and paying attention to details.

Founded in 2008, Ogilvy Equestrian specializes in creating equestrian products, notably, the design of high-end, technical saddle pads. 

Ogilvy Design combines proprietary technologies with original, custom creations to bring the classic saddle pad to new levels. Ogilvy Design always keeps the horses' comfort and performance top of mind with saddle pads designed to eliminate the rubbing and pressure points caused by the saddle, while showcasing the style and beauty of the top European brands. 


"your horse needs the best "

(Gonzalo Busca)

Veredus is presently the world leader in the top-of-the-line equestrian sporting equipment. Meticulous attention to raw materials, employment of the most cutting-edge technologies and an obsessive attention to every small detail is the foundation of our success. Above all, though, there is the collaboration with the endorsements which are involved in the design and testing phase, thus guaranteeing total reliability of the product. 

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